Is Your Website Profitable... Or Just An Expense?

A website by itself doesn’t do much, it sits online with no visitors, like millions and millions of other websites.

But your website is very important.

It’s the HUB of your online and offline marketing.

It’s where people go to check you out, it doesn’t matter where they first heard about you…

A happy client might refer a friend to your business. 9 times out of 10, they will check out your website first before acting on a referral from a trusted friend or family member.

You can run ads on the radio, or send direct mail… most people are still going to check you out online first.

Remember, your website’s main task is to CONVERT visitors to LEADS!

Make sure it’s up to date, looks good on mobile devices, and sends the message that you are a professional landscaping or lawn care business.

Our website wasn’t showing up in the Google results at all. We knew we needed to be on the first page, but had no idea how to get there.

JC educated us on what we needed to change, so we understood how our search engine strategy fit in with the rest of our marketing efforts. He re-designed our website and now we get leads every day from search engines!

He is a kick-ass marketing ninja!

George Tait

Co-Owner, Rock & Tait Exteriors

Key #1 – Professional Website Design

Your website should look professional and well designed. It should match your logo and brand colors.

It should be easy to find important information like your phone number or service area.

It’s hard to describe good or bad website design, but it’s easy to spot when you see it.

Creating your own website or hiring a very inexpensive (inexperienced) website designer will save you cash in the short term…but it will cost you customers in the long run.

Investing in a professional website design is one key to converting more website visitors into paying customers.

Key #2 – Conversion Tools

Fancy website design means nothing if it doesn’t convert leads into customers.

You’re running a business, not an art show.

There are tools you can use on your website that will increase the number of leads and customers that your website generates.

Imagine if 1,000 people visited your website…and 1% filled out your contact form and “converted” into a lead. That means you have 10 leads.

Now imagine if instead of 1%, you could use systems that made 2% convert, from the same number of website visitors. Now you have twice as many…you have 20 leads!

Key #3 – Search Engine Friendly Content

You need a lot of fresh content that your visitors like, and it should also be optimized for search engines.

Imagine there are two landscaping websites, and Google’s magic algorithm is determining which website should rank higher for a specific search term…

  1. Website A has three webpages…a homepage, an about page, and a contact us page.
  2. Website B has 20 webpages, a blog, a photo gallery, and a bunch of other content.

Which website is going to win?

It’s not for certain, but most of the time, the website will win if it has:

  • Relevancy
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Fresh / Newly published

Publish content that is written for people, but don’t forget it needs to be optimized for search engines.

Content that people love will always win. Search engine optimization needs good raw materials. You can’t win the game if you try to put lipstick on a pig. Create and publish content your target market will find enjoyable, educational, etc.

Key #4 – Professional Sales Copywriting

Many people think that copywriting is the same thing as copyright like © but it’s not!

Writing good sales copy is about the words used to paint a picture, describe a problem, and move your prospects to take an action.

Did you know that their are talented people that get paid just to write the words in advertisements and sales letters?

These people can send a letter to 1,000 people and have 5% respond…while we can send the same offer to the same list…and any words we write will do no better than 1% or 2%.

What sort of magic do these people use?

They use direct marketing and sales copy principals that we can use in our own content and advertisements.

A website with professional sales copy will generate more leads and customers. It’s one of the most potent investments you can make in any area of your marketing, but especially your website.

Key #5 – Professional Programming

A website isn’t ready for the Internet until the design and content have been programmed in modern web programming languages.

Professional website programming means your website is:

  • Coded to be mobile responsive – so it looks great on all size screens
  • Your website is at https – so the lock turns green (instead of Not Secure)
  • Your website is available online 99.9%+
  • Your website runs quickly and smoothly

Your website visitors are quick to click the Back button if your website isn’t functioning correctly.

Be sure your website’s code gets the job done and offers a great user experience…it’ll improve your bottom line.

Key #6 – Reliable Website Hosting & Maintenance

More technical mumbo jumbo…

But really, it’s important, your website needs reliable website hosting so it is available online 99.9% of the time.

Key #7 – Updates & Marketing

Any qualified web developer can keep your website hosted and maintained…

But that’s only the basics of keeping your website up to date with technology…you also have to:

  1. Keep the content updated
  2. Market and promote your website to keep traffic flowing in

Otherwise your website’s information can get outdated.

And it takes work to keep a steady flow of website visitors. If you don’t market your website, it’ll join the millions of other websites on the Internet that sit there like a rock.


Starter Website Package

Starter Website Package

$999 SETUP
+ $50/mo

*This is also included in our Starter Marketing Department Package


Business Website Package

Business Website Package

$2,499 SETUP
+ $99/mo

This is also included in our Business Marketing Department Package


Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development


*This project needs custom planning to map out needs and goals