You Don’t Have A Brand if it’s Not Consistent

Do you want all your marketing material to have the same, professional appearance?

Do you want your website and brochures to look like the same company?

A consistent brand gives your company a professional appearance!

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did on our website, brochure, business cards, and info postcard.

I was just looking for something informational, what I received was the beginning of a marketing package. The three items fit together so perfectly and unintentionally started branding our company immediately.

I can’t explain how great you were at taking a few simple ideas and molding them into exactly what we needed, although we didn’t even know it!

Rachel Nowak

Office Manager, Trend Stone Surfaces

Step #1 – Professional Logo Design

Your logo needs to be modern, clean, and crisp.

Don’t over complicate your logo. Look at the logos of Fortune 500 companies, and notice how simple they are.

Your logo also needs to be in the best format for both web and print.

Contact us to develop the best logo for your landscaping or lawn care business.

Step #2 – Professional Website Design

Your website should have a professional design, and be easy to find important information.

It should be designed to be “responsive” to screen size, so it looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Your website should also have the same colors and fonts as your print material, for a consistent brand across digital and print media.

Step #3 – Professional Print Design

All of your print material should have a consistent and professional design.

Your logo should be the same on all your material. The colors and fonts should match your brand.

Your print material should match the look of your website and any advertisements.

You also need brand assets managed so your logo and print files are available for small edits, without paying extra for a complete re-design.

Step #4 – Manage Brand Assets

You need your logo and print ready files managed for easy edits.

It’s costly to re-design every time you print, but print ready files can get lost.

You need professional brand asset management so your files are always available for quick edits and printing, without costly re-design.


Starter Branding Package

Starter Branding Package

$999 SETUP

*This is also included in our Starter Marketing Department Package


Business Branding Package

Business Branding Package

$2,499 SETUP

This is also included in our Business Marketing Department Package


Custom Branding & Design

Custom Branding & Design


*This project needs custom planning to map out needs and goals