It’s probably how you started your business.

Word of mouth provides the best quality leads because they are primed to buy.

But remember – you don’t have to wait for word of mouth to happen, you can give it a nudge (or a big push).

Here are 7 ways to increase word of mouth for your lawn care or landscaping business.

#1 – Ask for Referrals

Remember your last project?

Think of that moment when it was finally done, and the home owners are telling you how great it looks…

Take advantage of this time to ask if they know anyone who needs landscaping or lawn care.

It’s easy to forget to ask if your clients know anyone who needs your services. But you’re missing a great opportunity to grow your business if you don’t ask!

Asking your past clients for referrals is another great way to boost word of mouth. Many people would be willing to give you a referral, but won’t unless given a nudge.

#2 – Business Cards

Business cards are an essential tool for increasing word of mouth.

You get asked for your card all the time.

If you don’t have any cards, quit relying on the excuse that you just ran out!

Be prepared and have business cards to hand out to anyone who asks.

Business cards don’t need to be expensive, but don’t settle for the cheap, flimsy paper stock. Get some business cards that feels like decent quality, and makes a good first impression.

Get a unique business card design. Don’t use the same old template that any company can find online for free or cheap.

#3 – Door Hangers

Door hangers are an excellent way to get the word out in a small concentrated area.

It works great to hang them in the few blocks surrounding every jobsite you’re at.

This is especially effective for lawn care companies that are looking to keep a tight route in a very close area to their current clients.

You can advertise on the radio, newspaper, etc. and pay big bucks for a lot of exposure to reach the entire county…but door hangers let you target the houses in the exact same area you already service clients.

#4 – Yard Signs

There are few businesses that have as much roadside exposure as landscaping or lawn care.

Take advantage of this and put a sign in every yard you work on.

Use the less expensive, corrugated plastic signs, with metal H stakes to stick in the ground. Leave one in every yard as long as they will keep it there.

It’s free advertising right next to your work on display!

#5 – Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are an inexpensive way to get more free exposure for your business.

It looks better than a plain truck or van. To start, you just need your business name (or logo) and phone number.

Go for the largest magnet you can fit on your vehicle. Make sure your phone number is large, so it can be seen from a distance.

If you can afford the investment, a vehicle wrap can give your business a more polished and professional appearance.

#6 – Networking

Look for networking events and groups in your area.

Chamber of Commerce and BNI are great ways to connect with other business owners.

The key is building a network that can send you high quality referrals.

#7 – Referral Programs

You can offer incentives and discounts to create a more formal referral program.

Incentives and discounts alone won’t bring in referrals. But provide great service and a referral program can sometimes be the small nudge people need to act.